Elevator types

Traction elevator

Hydraulic elevator


Elevator Parts

There is a lot of parts that they are not included in this article. But the most important parts in the elevator are described briefly below.


1.Elevator Machine

The main part of the elevator is its machine,  which the entire design of the elevator is focused on it. The selection of the elevator machine depends on parameters such as cabin capacity, elevator pit, and so on.


2. Commander Panel

The commander panel is the heart of the elevator system, and all the commands being applied through it.



This piece in the elevator has the task of speed detection and stops the elevator if the speed is exceeded.


4.Elevator Cabin

The elevator cabin is where the people stands.


5.Push Buttons

All commands for moving  are sent to the command panel by the cabin and the floor push buttons.


6.Guide Rail

The cabin is driven directly by the rails inside the pit.


As already mentioned, the elevator has a lot of parts that are not mentioned here.



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